This EU-PAHO/WHO-MOH partnership, will run for four years and will carry out joint actions that will address two specific objectives:

1. Develop efficient, effective, disaster resilient and environmentally friendly health facilities

Belize is vulnerable to the natural disasters and effects of climate change and other weather-related disasters which may impact on the capacity of the health facilities to withstand threats – this may lead to disruption of health services and ongoing health care for communities and health care facilities. The facilities are also intensive energy users and utilize more water, products and chemicals than the average similarly sized office building. This grant will support the development of efficient, effective disaster resilient and environmental health facilities benefitting from the more than four years’ experience of PAHO’s and WHO’s implementation of the different funded smart health facilities in the countries of the Caribbean.

2. Improve the structure, organization and management of health services

This component is focused on health system strengthening towards the achievement of universal health. The model of care and the organizational structure of the health system must adapt to the renewed focus on health promotion and prevention in the context of primary health care. This objective includes actions for strong resilient integrated and people-centered health systems.

  • Six health facilities and one laboratory retrofitted based on the smart hospitals concept and climate-disaster resiliency;
  • National multi-hazard management capacity enhanced;
  • Integrated Health Service Delivery Network approach implemented in all regions, including primary care services;
  • Health system re-organized with improved efficiencies and organizational management, fostering partnership with different stakeholders;
  • National Nutrition Policy designed and promoted;
  • Training in results-base management, strategic planning, and program budgeting and Monitoring and Evaluation system functional.

In the next five years, Belizeans will see the realization of several major projects of the Health Support Programme Belize that are being funded by the European Union.  Towards this end, the following activities, among others, have already been achieved in the first six months of implementation of the programme, through the support of the European Union:

  • A Refresher course forassessment of 24 Health Facilities for HIS & Green has been held
  • Mass Casualty management Training conducted
  • Incident Command System Training Conducted
  • National Cancer Plan being developed
  • Health Sector Reform Assessment Planning Workshop conducted.

The health sector in Belize is confronted with many challenges that are constantly evolving due to the introduction of technologies, emerging diseases, the burden of non-communicable diseases and the threats of climate-related disasters. Therefore, the sector must be strategic in addressing these challenges.  Through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), and a 6.8 M Euros grant, the Health Support Programme Belize is being implemented to support the Belize Health Sector Strategic Plan (BHSSP 2014-2024) aligned with the Horizon 2030 National Strategy and the Belize Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy 2016-2019.   

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, the implementing agency for the program is working very closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure the achievement of the programme’s goals and objectives.


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opening mcm training 12 05 19

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EU-PAHO/WHO-MOH Partnership News

Design Phase Launches for Three of Belize’s Health Facilities to Become Safer and Greener

 On Wednesday, 12th February, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) hosted the kick-off meeting to officially launch the design phase of three health facilities in Belize.