About the CARMEN Network

CARMEN is a network of Ministries of Health of the America working together for the implementation of the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action for NCDs.

:: Vision

CARMEN is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization and aims to improve the health status of the populations in the Americas by reducing risk factors associated with Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

This is attained through the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, social mobilization and community-based interventions, epidemiological surveillance of NCD risk conditions, and preventive health-care services.

:: Mission

To provide a forum for sharing, learning, and collaborating among the countries of the Americas to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, their risk factors, and underlying determinants.

:: General objectives

The CARMEN Initiative aims to promote and establish comprehensive, integrated NCD prevention and control policies and programs at the national and sub-regional levels in the Americas, in support of the achievement of the Regional Strategy on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control.

The CARMEN Initiative utilizes the guiding principles, strategic approaches and four lines of actions contained in the Regional Strategy:

  • • Health policy and advocacy
  • • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • • Surveillance
  • • Integrated management of chronic diseases and risk factors.

It also includes: capacity building and training; research; information dissemination; resource mobilization and partnerships; and communications and social marketing.

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CARMEN Brochure