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COVID-19 disease has proven to be highly dynamic, with daily changes in its understanding, even though almost 5 months have passed since the awarness of its existence.

This tool has a software that allows the creation of a local and national database for the health surveillance of pregnant women and newborns in this context and to provide key elements for the care of both. The instrument not only makes it possible to identify and monitor these women and their children, but also evaluates the results obtained and generates evidence that guides towards more effective care in areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus, a high-level technical consortium has been working to develop SIP COVID-19, an information system consisting of a standardized maternal-perinatal medical record, which guides the provider in the management of COVID-19 cases in pregnancy.

The SIP COVID-19 form is based on almost 40 years of experience of the Perinatal Information System (SIP) and its Perinatal Medical Record, instruments created according to the needs and experiences of our Region while following WHO guidelines, and they align with registration systems of other regions and / or International agencies.

The SIP COVID-19 has been designed so that it can be managed by SIP users and by new users who work with other registration systems or electronic records. Taking into account that the evidence generated on the repercussions that COVID-19 has on mothers and pregnant women, it will be beneficial to have a standard of information collection to generate the evidence still necessary. It also has a free information system (SIP Plus) with a dynamic platform that can be embedded in any other system and also offers the possibility of working online or offline.

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