The influenza AH1N1 (2009) left important lessons learned in some areas such as disaster management and coordination, epidemiological surveillance, health services and communication. From these lessons some technical recommendations were developed and applied to the national emergency response plans.

Recently, the cholera epidemic that affects Haiti and the Dominican Republic has again highlighted the importance of having organizational plans to respond to such events, as well as improving the level of preparedness for major disasters such as the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

It is necessary to update and strengthen the national operational plans for responding to emergencies, while interaction between the technical areas of the health sector should be promoted in order to achieve a comprehensive response in case of emergency.

We present the commitments (in Spanish) made by the delegates of the countries participating in the regional workshop held in Costa Rica on March 3 and 4, 2011:

pdf Compromisos de países para actualizar planes de respuesta. Marzo de 2011