Ecuador earthquake 2016 March 16 MapThe Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, in response to the earthquake in Ecuador on 16 April, 2016 activated its Institutional Emergency Response Plan. The PAHO/WHO Country Office responded immediately and, in support of health authorities, has mobilized staff and resources. Technical staff, from both headquarters and other country offices, with varied skills, such as logistical coordination, infrastructure evaluation, communications, water and sanitation, as well as members of the Regional Response Team, was also mobilized. The Organization is working with the Ministry of Health on the health response.

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The quake struck at 18:58 local time in the province of Manabí, with an epicenter between Pedernales and Cojimies, and produced damages as far away as Guayaquil. Ecuador's Ministry of Health made a preliminary evaluation of the quake's impact on health services, evacuated some patients, and mobilized rapid-response health teams and mobile surgical hospitals to the most affected areas.

PAHO continues monitoring the situation to provide additional support, as needed.

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