GuiaPreparativosVolcanesCoversMost active volcanoes in the world are located in Latin America and the Caribbean, and millions of people live in town and cities near them. Throughout history, some of this volcanoes have shown their capacity for destruction. The Health Preparedness Guide for Volcanic Eruptions provides support material for the preparation of health sector contingency plans for these emergencies. The Guide was created through a long process of information collection, systematization and validation; more than 100 experts, particularly from Colombia and Ecuador, were consulted.

The Guide has five modules (all in Spanish only):

  1. The health sector and volcanic risk, presents a conceptual framework on volcanic risk, the effects of volcanic eruptions on health, organization of the health sector, y practical recommendations to manage volcanic risk. Concepts of epidemiologic surveillance and mental health during a volcanic crisis are also presented. ( pdf Downdoad )
  2. Protection of health services during volcanic eruptions, describes strategies to diagnose volcanic risk, analyze health facilities' vulnerability, and plan response operations in case of volcanic eruptions. Includes a guide for the preparation of the hospital contingency plan for volcanic events. ( pdf Download )
  3. Damage assessment and health needs analysis during volcanic eruptions, outlines the main aspects of the preparation and implementation of the damage assessment and needs analysis during volcanic eruptions, in the areas of epidemiologic surveillance, basic sanitation, and health infrastructure. ( pdf Download )
  4. Environmental health and volcanic risk, develops on the impact of volcanic eruptions on the environment, as well as management measures and environmental health ones for populations and health facilities. ( pdf Download )
  5. Communications planning for volcanic eruptions, presents basic conceptual aspects of communications and volcanic risk management, was well as guidelines for the preparation and execution of a health communications plan for volcanic risk. ( pdf Download )

You can donwload this guide also with PowerPoint presentations for each module, a description of the situation of volcanoes in Ecuador and Colombia, and reference publications.

archive Download the entire collection in a zip file here (120.53 MB) .