In 2009, PAHO/WHO worked to revise its course materials for Hospital Planning for Disaster Response with the participation and collaboration of professionals from Central and South America. The process allowed updates and inclusion of material about important aspects of hospital preparedness, including the influenza pandemic, climate change, new concepts about safe hospitals, and the Hospital Safety Index. Participants reviewed the course sequence and content to make sure that the course presents a practical model of the hospital emergency plan, which is the main objective of the course.

As part of the revision process, an analysis of experiences throughout the region was made. The Risk Management Team for Costa Rica’s Social Security Fund agreed to prepare the first draft. A workshop in Nicaragua was convened, where experts from Central and South America analyzed the content and methodology proposed for the new version. Finally, materials were tested at the Hospital de Cobán in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. New recommendations emerging from that trial were incorporated in the training materials.

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