altPAHO/WHO, together with Applied Research Associates, a North American institute, and participants from different Caribbean countries, has launched a project to make a map that shows wind hazards on Caribbean islands and along the Caribbean coasts of Central and South America.

The objective is to simulate 100,000 years of Atlantic storms using hurricane hazard models, historic records, and existing wind maps. The results will be reviewed with the Caribbean Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, participating Latin American and Caribbean countries, and engineers and architects from the region.

The last map on wind hazards was developed in 1985 by the University of Western Ontario. Over 20 years’ worth of reliable information has been collected since then, and it is hoped that the quality of those data will be reflected in this project. The inclusion of Central and South American countries is an important aspect of addressing wind hazards in infrastructure design. For more information contact Dana Van Alphen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..