Tony Gibbs, an engineer of Grenadian and Barbadian nationality, and Yoshiaki Kawata, a Japanese professor, received the U.N. Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction on 10 October.

The jury awarded the prize to both engineers for the contributions and commitment to disaster reduction in their own countries and internationally. Both Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Kawata have been tireless in their promotion of disaster reduction and mitigation among scientists, journalists, policy makers, and the general public.

Mr. Gibbs has collaborated for over 10 years with PAHO/WHO in the Region of the Americas. He has designed and directed construction on more than 1,500 projects for earthquake- and hurricane-resistant facilities. Mr. Kawata directs the Research Institute for Disaster Prevention at the University of Kyoto.

Gibbs and Kawata received the prize in Geneva during events marking International Disaster Reduction Day, celebrated on October 10. The award acknowledges the work of individuals and institutions who, through outstanding innovation and initiative, have contributed to reducing risk and vulnerability of communities in cases of natural disaster. We would like to join others in recognizing their outstanding careers. Congratulations!