PAHO has produced a new video, in DVD format, to promote the concept and strategy of Safe Hospitals. It makes it clear that this issue is of universal concern, extending beyond the health sector. The video explains what a safe hospital is and why we must safeguard these critical facilities. It highlights examples of best practices in the Region, destroying the myth that it would be too expensive or even impossible to build hospitals with safeguards to ensure they continue to function after disasters. The video combines footage and interviews with important decision makers in several countries in the Americas who share positive experiences and lobby for safe hospitals.

The program aims to raise awareness at the decision-making level during planning or execution of hospital construction or improvements. However, it is equally suitable for use in training activities or for a general audience. It is also an important resource for PAHO’s advocacy efforts in conjunction with the ISDR 2008-2010 “Safe Hospitals” global campaign. Copies of the DVD are available from CRID.