PAHO/WHO recognizes that reducing the health impact of disasters is too big a job for any one technical program alone. The collaboration and technical expertise of the entire Organization is key and an approach to risk management and vulnerability reduction must be incorporated into the Organization’s traditional development activities. To move in this direction, PAHO/WHO is carrying out a series of workshops for its senior managers regionwide to mainstream risk reduction into its ongoing technical cooperation programs in the health sector and to strengthen the corporate response capacity to better assist countries affected by emergencies and disasters. The series of workshops will begin in February and be concluded by the mid-2007. The discussions will be framed around considerations of how changes in the humanitarian sector—at the global and regional levels—affect PAHO/WHO’s work and the role of its country representatives; the new challenges facing the health sector, such as pandemic influenza and other health crises that differ from traditional models; crisis communications and the mobilization of a regional health emergency response team. More information in the next issue of this Newsletter.