The International Day for Disaster Reduction, held on 13 October, recognized the contribution of women and girls to disaster risk reduction. The commemoration of this day became an opportunity to promote the active participation of women and girls in all decision-making processes before, during and after disasters.

Under the banner “Women and Girls, the (in) visible Force of Resilience” an appeal was made about the need to recognize the contributions of women to protect and rebuild their communities before and after disasters and emergencies.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) joined this celebration and, through the Ministries of Health Disaster Programs, the National System for Disasters Prevention and Response, the UN System, NGOs and national and local institutions, participated in the various activities organized in order to highlight the contributions of millions of women and girls that make their communities more resilient and better prepared to deal with disasters.

For the commemoration of the International Day for Disaster Reduction some activities, like forums, photo exhibits, competitions, walks, simulations and workshops, were held and the message was spread through media, radio and television and in virtual spaces. Through these actions, and thanks to the joint efforts of all people, it was possible to make visible the experience, knowledge and skills of women and girls in relation to disaster risk reduction.