It provides a more efficient, faster and easier access to the essential subjects of public health and disasters

In the last few years the availability of sources and information resources has increased. Websites, databases and information generated at the national and international level have multiplied. The field of health and disasters has been part of this evolution and has experienced an exponential growth, as far as the production of information is concerned. 

In this context, it becomes necessary to have the most relevant and updated information with a much more efficient accessibility. In order to achieve this, the Pan American Health Organization, Regional Office of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), through the Area on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief, presents the Knowledge Center on Public Health and Disasters ( 

Providing an open access for all those interested—in English and Spanish—this online center presents an overview of the most important topics on public health and disasters: general concepts, organization of the health sector and policies, disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, health response in emergencies and disasters, rehabilitation and reconstruction and alliances and international assistance. 

With a simple and friendly navigation system, each section provides the reader with an explanation of all the fundamental aspects of every topic with access—through links—to sources and complementary information resources, as well as the websites of different initiatives and agencies.