The XXXIII Meeting of Ministers of Health of the Andean Area (REMSAA), held on 21 November in Colombia, saw approval of the Andean Strategic Plan for Health Sector Disaster Risk Management 2013-2017. An update of the Strategic Plan 2005-2010, this plan was mandated by the XXXII REMSAA, held in Chile in April 2011.

This plan was drawn up in a series of virtual meetings and two in-person meetings held in Mexico and Peru with disaster risk management staff from the ministries of health of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The document that was approved contains the following strategic lines of action (SLAs) with their respective objectives, activities, and timelines.

  • Policy position on health sector disaster risk management in and among the Andean Area countries.
  • Disaster risk reduction in the health sector of Andean subregion countries
  • Mutual assistance among the countries to facilitate cooperation mechanisms for health sector disaster risk management.
  • Creation and upgrading of capacities and skills in health sector disaster risk management.

To facilitate implementation of the plan, the formation of a technical committee made up of the disaster program coordinators from the ministries of health of the Andean Area countries has also been approved. This committee will be responsible for monitoring the anticipated activities.

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