DOR 129

The Ministry of Public Health, with the support of the Pan American Health Organization, conducted a workshop on “Development of an operational model for managing health emergency response with a multi-hazard approach, within the national response framework and focusing on the organization of the health sector.”

During the workshop, the participating authorities developed and updated their respective emergency response mechanisms using the multi-hazard approach. This approach is innovative in that it addresses issues common to different types of emergencies, reducing duplication of efforts, plans, and resources.

They also created a road map for participating institutions to work on their operational health emergency response model within the multi-hazard framework in ways that are coherent with their national realities.

The workshop included representatives of the Ministry of Public Health, National Health Services, Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Civil Defense, Red Cross, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, and Armed Forces.

The three-day training was provided by the Health Emergencies Department team from PAHO Headquarters in Washington, D.C., composed of Dr. Juan Carlos Sánchez, consultant; advisors Alex Camacho, Roberta Andragetti, and Enrique Pérez; and, as national counterpart, Dr. Martín Acosta, PAHO’s national consultant in the Dominican Republic.

The workshop was opened by Vice Minister of Health Public Dr. Héctor Quezada, representing the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, and by Dr. Hans Salas, PAHO Advisor on Disease Prevention and Control, representing Dr. Alma Morales, PAHO Representative in the Dominican Republic.