Issue 97 October 2004

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Special Supplement:Progress in risk management in the water and sanitation sector - Slowly but Surely

Special Supplement: Progress in risk management in the water and sanitation sector - Slowly but Surely. Read more

Selected Bibliography

The articles listed in this section come from the collection of the Regional Disaster Information Center (CRID). Request copies from CRID, citing the numerical reference code included with the title.

Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations

The new and widely-requested English version of this publication is now available. The proper management of dead bodies is very important to the survivors of emergency and disaster situations.

International Migration, Health and Human Rights

This publication provides an overview of some of the key challenges for policy-makers in addressing the linkages between migration, health and human rights. It attempts to provide a useful platform...

Hurricane Season 2004

In May 2004, the U.S. National Hurricane Center called for a 50% probability of an above-normal hurricane season. Several of these storms battered the Caribbean and parts of the U.S,...

New CRID Info Kits

CRID has just added two “minikits” to its new series of information packets (refer to the previous issue to see what these information tools are all about). The subjects chosen...

World Bank Publishes Case Study on Honduras Disaster Recovery

“Learning Lessons from Disaster Recovery: The Case of Honduras” is the title of a new release in the World Bank Disaster Risk Management Working Paper Series. 

Country-level use of Sphere Standards

In Honduras, a working group launched the Spanish edition of the 2004 Sphere handbook. More than 50 people attended the event, including donors, NGOs and government officials.

Disaster Advisers Take up New Posts in Latin America

PAHO has reassigned staff responsible for its country operations in Central and South America to its subregional disaster offices in Ecuador (which covers the Spanish-speaking countries of South America and...

PAHO Directing Council Passes Resolution Urging Safe Hospitals

The devastation caused by Hurricanes Frances, Ivan and Jeanne was fresh on the minds of the Ministers of Health of the Americas when they met at PAHO’s 45th Directing Council...

E-learning: Value Added or a Fad?

In the last several years, many disaster management e-learning initiatives have been trumpeted as the alternative to costly international courses directed to an elite. Donors, eager to ride the “dotcom”...