Party Done, Time to Test Now!


Despite vaccination efforts, COVID-19 remained a major global public health threat, emphasizing the critical role of timely SARS-CoV-2 detection through testing, including antigen-detecting rapid tests (Ag-RDTs), in case identification, isolation, contact tracing, and decision-making support.

Masked woman

During a period characterized by a surge in cases, driven by highly transmissible Omicron sub-variants, the disease burden shifted from hospitals to community care. Swift identification of suspected cases via Ag-RDTs became crucial in this context.

COVID-19 testing

Since August 2020, PAHO and partners focused on expanding testing infrastructure, including Ag-RDT promotion, training, and decentralization. Over 100 health workers in Trinidad & Tobago received training through CMLF, enabling a robust response.

COVID-19 testing

The epidemic situation in Trinidad and Tobago indicated a rise in cases post-Carnival due to mass gatherings, prompting proactive testing efforts. PAHO, in collaboration with key partners like CMLF, MRFTT, and AMMR, played a vital role in these initiatives.