Consultant To revise Plan of Action for NIDs

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The main purpose of the National Integrated Action Plan for Neglected Infectious Diseases (NIDs) is to have a national guideline on how to attain and maintain disease elimination to meet the goals set out in the WHO Roadmap on NTDs for 2020 (pending revision) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

A consultant is sought to support the revision of the Integrated Plan of Action for the
elimination of NIDs.

The general objective of the consultancy is:
• To revise the National Integrated Plan of Action for NIDs 2011
The specific objectives of the consultancy are to:
1. Conduct a SWOT analysis for each of the five referred NIDs;
2. Complete a situation analysis of the five NIDs;
3. Identify the strategic objectives and key activities;
4. Develop a monitoring and evaluation framework for the integrated plan of action; and
5. Cost the activities within the integrated plan of action for the elimination of NIDs.