Job Vacancy - STEPS Consultant

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are a serious challenge in The Bahamas as they account for an estimated 74% of all deaths in the country. Measuring the risk factors of NCDs within the population is critical to monitor the burden of diseases, identify trends, and inform policy and program interventions to reduce NCD morbidity and mortality. The World Health Organization STEPS survey is a three-component instrument that requires respondents to answer a multi-module questionnaire and have physical and biochemical measurements taken.  In 2019, The Bahamas conducted its third iteration of the STEPS survey, but the report for the survey remains incomplete. The details of the report are vital not only for risk factor surveillance but also for informing the implementation of effective interventions. In the era of COVID-19, pre-existing conditions exacerbate the outcomes for infected persons. This reality increases the urgency of evidence-based strategies to help chronically ill persons better manage their NCDs and to prevent the onset of new diseases. Therefore, the Bahamas’ Country Office of the Pan American Health Organization is seeking to hire a short-term consultant to complete the country’s 2019 STEPS survey report.

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