Strategic Fund Product Prices. Antileishmaniasis Medicines (valid until 31-Dec-2020)

 Antileishmaniasis Medicines

 Antileishmaniasis Medicines (valid until 31-Dec-2020) 

Long Term Agreement 

1. The prices published reflect the price of the product
2. For budgeting purposes PAHO suggests Member States add an additional 15-25% to reflect the costs of shipping, insurance, 3% contribution to the SF capital account and the 1.25% PAHO fee.
3. Medicines not included in this list, can be purchase individually upon request by Member States. Prices and lead-time will depend on the product availability at the time of the request.
4. Questions should be directed to
5. AMPHOTERICIN LIPOSOMAL access price only for treatment of Leishmaniasis Visceral, and Cryptococcal Meningitis.
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