Evidence informed policy-making

The Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet)

EVIPNet is a network established by the World Health Organization to promote the systematic use of research evidence in health policy-making in order to strengthen health systems and get the right programs, services and interventions to those who need them.

It is present in all WHO regions and is coordinated at both the regional and global levels. EVIPNet encourages the development of country-level teams, which comprise policy-makers, researchers and representatives of civil society. They facilitate policy development and implementation through the use of the best global and local evidence available.

EVIPNet builds capacity in countries to develop policy briefs and to help establish mechanisms to translate evidence into policy.

EVIPNet in action: 10 years, 10 stories

This report marks 10 years of painstaking and determined effort by EVIPNet in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean and now in eastern Europe, and describes 10 examples of the significant impact EVIPNet has had on local or national health policy. The wealth of achievement and learning generated by EVIPNet's activities to date is being drawn on by policy-makers, researchers and civil society groups worldwide.

Standards for development

SUPPORT Tools for Evidence-Informed Policy-Making (STP): accessible in four languages
  • SUPPORT Tools for Evidence-Informed Policy-Making (STP)
  • Herramientas SUPPORT para la toma de decisiones en políticas de salud informada por la evidencia
  • Ferramentas SUPPORT para a elaboração de políticas de saúde baseadas em evidências (STP): uma coletânea de artigos publicados na revista 'Health Research Policy and System
  • Outils du projet SUPPORT pour l'élaboration des politiques de santé éclairées par les données probantes

EVIPNet in Practice

  • Conceptual Background and Case Studies – Introduction to EVIPNet Europe (2017)

Access evidence-informed policies

PAHO Evidence-Informed policies database

Collection of documents that contribute to policy decision-making processes based on the best available scientific evidence, including processes for knowledge translation and exchanging knowledge among managers, researchers and representatives of civil society in the management of health services and systems.

Health Evidence Network (HEN)

HEN is an information service for public health decision-makers in the WHO European Region, initiated and coordinated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.