Webinar on Salt Reduction and Fortification - May 23, 2016

Webinar on Salt Reduction and Fortification - May 23, 2016

libros sal yodoAs part of the monthly activities on salt carried out by PAHO, a webinar on "Salt Reduction and Fortification" was held with the objective of refreshing concepts on iodine salt fortification and dietary salt reduction. This effort was made in coordination with WHO to inform those working in the Region of the Americas on the WHO guidelines on iodine fortification and guidelines on salt reduction.

Additionally, the Global Salt Toolkit and integrated monitoring systems for iodine and salt intake were discussed in detail. The webinar targeted PAHO focal points, nutrition and noncommunicable disease managers in the ministries of health, and other stakeholders in the Region.


Recording of the webinar: Salt reduction and fortification (due to technical issues, the begining of Leo Nederveen presentation was no recorded)

Note: all the presentations and the recording are in Spanish

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