IPC – Supply Chain Consultant PAHO Strategic Fund (HSS/SF)  (Band B/C)

Terms of Reference (TOR) 
PAHO Strategic Fund (HSS/SF) 
International PAHO Consultant - Supply Chain Consultant  (Band B/C)

Application deadline:  17 September 2021

Established in 2000 by Member States in the Americas Region, the PAHO Strategic Fund  (officially named the Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies) was developed to facilitate procurement of essential quality-assured medicines and health supplies, improve access to quality health care, and strengthen the sustainability of health systems. As a regional technical cooperation mechanism leveraging pooled procurement, the Strategic Fund (SF) has formal participating agreements with 49 countries, territories, and public health institutions.  
The platform supports Member States through five major areas: 1) integrating technical cooperation with PAHO programs from Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease units and robust partnerships with multi-stakeholder agencies, 2) ensuring quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines and other health products, 3) improving demand planning and capacity strengthening for supply chain systems, 4) sustainably reducing prices of critical medications and supplies through transparent international sourcing, 5) line of credit option to facilitate Member State procurement. 
To provide technical assistance to the Department of Health Systems and Services (HSS) / Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies (Strategic Fund) in matters related to supply chain management, analysis of forecasting, planning, procurement and delivery operations, and capacity-building to improve access to essential medicines and supplies across Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Support the Strategic Fund (SF) in activities related to supply chain management, analysis, and capacity-building, including the following tasks: 

a) Develop and execute upon methodology to evaluate the end-to-end supply chain capacity and maturity level of Member States in relation to the supply chain management of essential medicine and health supplies; that is suitable for the Region of the Americas and Caribbean. 
b) Develop strategy and implementation plan to improve and capacitate Member States on strengthening and sustaining their supply chain management capabilities; both at the regional and country level. 
c) Develop framework to assess, monitor and implement mitigation strategies related to all aspects of the supply chain risks for the region and country level. 
d) Continuously update framework, strategies and capabilities with evolving concepts, methodologies and technologies related to supply chain management which are applicable to the context of Strategic Fund and the region of the Americas.  
e) Incorporate and support the process of demand forecasting and planning presented by the Member States to the Strategic Fund supply chain management processes. 
f) Work with Member States to monitor stock levels of critical medicines and supplies, supporting risk analyses to prevent stockouts and shortages across the Region. 
g) Develop tools and training materials to strengthen supply chain management elements including but not limited to procurement planning, logistics, and operations analysis for Member States. 
h) Support procurement and technical specialists, in coordination with SF, to identify methods to quantify impact of SF supply chain support, from initial demand forecasting to last-mile delivery. 
i) Prepare technical documents and presentations for the Strategic Fund on a variety of supply chain and capacity-building projects, including process management, product procurement, inventory management, delivery planning, etc. Provide related ad hoc data gathering and analysis to the SF team as required for opportunity analysis. 
j) Serve as a Focal Point in meetings with diverse teams in order to develop supply chain management and capacity-building strategies to support expansion for access of medicines and health supplies across Latin America. Help customize the regional strategy to be tailored to specific country contexts in order to maximize sustainable impact and results. 
k) Participate in interprogrammatic working groups, research projects, and technical cooperation initiatives by providing sound operations characterization and analysis to map out current processes, develop and implement strategic business cases, and improve the processes of the SF, including SOP development, continuous improvement workshops, etc.  
l) Provide advisory services and technical support through participation in strategic program discussions and planning to provide technical advice, strategic information, and policy/agenda setting contributions to promote operations improvements for the Region. 
m) Support the Coordination of the SF in any other activities as required and directed by Unit Chief of Strategic Fund. 
Essential attributes: 
Experience: Seven years or more of experience in managing cross functional projects at the national and international levels, particularly in supply chain management, logistics, operations and/or procurement. Must be fluent in both English and Spanish. 
Education: University degree from a recognized university in a related discipline, such as supply chain management, pharmaceutical economics or policy, business administration, or public health, with a focus on operations, procurement, and logistics. 
Desirable attributes: 
• Knowledge and experience of healthcare supply chains and capacity-building, especially operations, procurement, demand forecasting, inventory management and information management 
• Knowledge of Latin American healthcare markets, pharmaceutical logistics, healthcare statistics and forecasting, and public-private sector health supply chain issues and trends 
• Experience with development and execution of health care capacity-building and access strategies, especially in relation to medicines and supplies with high impact to the public healthcare budget and sustainability. 
• Prior experience working with a global health partnerships or multilateral mechanisms, such as WHO, the Global Fund, the Global Drug Facility, IDB, World Bank, UNITAID, GAVI, USAID, etc. - particularly in areas of operations analysis. 
• Knowledge and experience in the usage of SCOR model, Lean, Six Sigma would be an added advantage. 
• Knowledge of database usage and advance knowledge of Excel, Power BI, PMIS, ERP systems, Block Chain, IoT or other relevant technologies would be an added advantage. 
• Experience in communication, report writing, health policy, and project management and implementation would be an added advantage. 

Approximate length of contract: 12 Months renewable
Dates to advertise open ASAP to 2 weeks
Send CV to: Aleida Domingo Gisbert, Administrative Assistant - domingoale@paho.org

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