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IPCA*: Initiative of the Countries of Central America for Control of Vector-Borne and Transfusional Transmission and Medical Care for Chagas Disease


IPCA Objectives

  • Elimination of the vector Rhodnius prolixus.
  • Reduction of household infestation by the vector Triatoma dimidiata.
  • Elimination of transfusional transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi.

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PAHO Chagas Page

Tropical Disease Research:

Participating PAHO Offices, Central America
Costa Rica |  El Salvador
Guatemala |  Honduras
Nicaragua |  Panama

Participating Ministries of Health
Costa Rica |  El Salvador
Guatemala |  Honduras
Nicaragua |  Panama


  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA
  • Canada
    • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA-Canada)
    • Pro-Mesas/IRDC (International Development Research Centre / IRDC, Canada)
  • CARE
  • Doctors without Borders (Médicos sin fronteras/MSF-Spain)
  • European Community (EC)
    • European Community - Latin American Network for Research on the Biology and Control of Triatominae (ECLAT)
    • Chagas Disease Intervention Activities, European Community (CDIA-EC)
  • Inter-American Development Bank IDB (funds CARE program in Honduras)
  • World Vision

The Intergovernmental Commission of the Initiative of Central American Countries to Interrupt Vectoral and Transfusional Transmission of Chagas Disease (IPCA) was created in 1997 in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. One year later, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution establishing a mandate to eliminate Chagas transmission, which was subsequently adopted by PAHO. In collaboration with the PAHO Member States in the Central American subregion, PAHO's main partner is the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), which provides funding and technical expertise to the initiative. Since its creation, IPCA has held 1 pre-IPCA, 7 annual and 3 thematic meetings (note: all reports below are in Spanish except for the reports and/or resolutions of the World Health Assembly/WHA):

As a part of IPCA, PAHO has sent out five official evaluation missions to monitor and evaluate the progress made:


Documentation from the Countries

El Salvador
Technical Guidelines
Progress Reports, Chagas Disease Vector Control Project
- 2000–2002
- January–May 2001
- Model for Inter-Agency Cooperation, 2006
- Report on Activities and Results of the National Chagas Program (PNCh), 2004
- National Strategic Plan on Chagas (PEN-Chagas), 2003–2007
- Project for Chagas Disease Control: 2003 Annual Report

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Activities in the Countries
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* IPCA is the official acronym from the Spanish name, Iniciativa de los Países de Centro América para la Interrupción de la Transmisión Vectorial y Transfusional de la Enfermedad de Chagas.