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INCOSUR-Chagas: Southern Cone Initiative to Control/Eliminate Chagas Disease


INCOSUR* was created in Brasilia in 1991 by the Ministers of Health of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile ,Paraguay and Uruguay. It now constitutes a subregional project with its technical Secretariat at PAHO.

12 Years of Achievements

1997: Interrupting vectoral and transfusional transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in Uruguay.
1999: Interruption of vectoral transmission in Chile.
2000: Interruption of the vectoral transmission of T. cruzi by Triatoma infestans throughout nearly all endemic areas.
2001: Interruption of vectoral transmission in four provinces in Argentina: Jujuy, Río Negro, La Pampa and Neuquén.
2002: Precertification for interruption of vectoral transmission in Department of Amambay, Paraguay.
Decrease in household infestation by T. infestans in many areas of Subregion.
Reprogramming control activities in Bolivia, with support from IDB, UNDP and PAHO/WHO.
Improvement in prevention and quality assessment of transfusional transmission in the subregion.
More effective and efficient management of Chagas control.

Annual Meetings

Every March since 1992, the Intergovernmental Commission (Comisión Intergubernamental / CI) of the Southern Cone for the Elimination of T. infestans and the Interruption of Transfusional Transmission of American Trypanosomiasis has held its annual meeting. Concrete plans are finalized for horizontal technical cooperation among countries as well as other similar regional initiatives, with international missions to evaluate programs and monitor achievements.

Annual CI Reports & Other Documentation

CI Reports: 2006   |   2005
2004   |      2003   |   2002   |   2001

These reports contain the following, at length:

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • General situation report
  • Country reports
  • Special presentations
  • National evaluations
  • Compliance with recommendations of previous meetings
  • New recommendations
  • Decisions
  • Annexes (new or relevant documentation)

Other Documents / Information Products

English: 2003 Epi-Workshop



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Other Subregional Chagas Initiatives
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