Epidemiological Bulletin

About the Epidemiological Bulletin

The first issue of the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization was published in 1980 and represents a further effort to promote the exchange of epidemiological information among the Member Countries of the Region of the Americas. Its main purpose is to publish periodically short accounts of and comments on the epidemiological activity of communicable, non-communicable and emerging and re-emerging diseases of priority public health concern as well as information regarding technical aspects involved in disease surveillance, prevention and control programs in the countries.

This Bulletin includes information on resolutions and recommendations of international importance related to disease control and which support the countries in their formulation of policies, in carrying out their programs as well as in strengthening their infrastructure.

This publication responds to the needs for epidemiological information in the countries and the PAHO's Secretariate. The Area of Health Analysis and Information Systems (AIS) publishes and distributes four issues of the Bulletin annually, with 4,000 copies in English and 13,000 in Spanish. Subscription is free. Since 1987, this Bulletin is indexed in the Index Medicus of the National Library of Medicine Catalog ISSN 0256-1859.

For suscriptions, please contact toledoje@paho.org

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