PAHO/WHO´s Virtual Campos for Public Health is conducting the third edition of the course "How to effectively address Noncommunicable diseases in 21st Century ", developed by the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health, as part of the CARMEN School activities.

The course is targeted to NCD country managers and program managers in related fields as Health Promotion, Epidemiology ENT, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer areas. In its English edition, the group of participants is composed by 20 professionals  from Caribbean countries. Its aim is to position the prevention and control of NCDs in the actual global, regional and national context, facilitating the process of decision making and implementation of actions supported by the evidence in public health.
Participants will become familiar with successful surveillance  systems and methodologies in the Americas, and with the applicability of policy tools for the prevention and control of NCDs. They also will understand the Chronic Care model and be able to apply its components in the development of interventions. The course also includes elements of social marketing and its application to problems of public health and behavior modification.
The course began on March 9 and will run until June 7, 2015. The Spanish version of this course has 70 professionals of Latin America attending and will run from April 13 to July 5.
CARMEN School consists trainings and public health activities that build partnerships between schools of public health (SPH), public health agencies, and ministries of health (MOH) at the country level.

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