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Publication date: 2016

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The Pan American Health Organization Nutrient Profile Model is a tool to classify processed and ultra-processed food and drink products that are in excess of critical nutrients such as sugars, salt, total fat, saturated fat and trans-fatty acids.

The PAHO Nutrient Profile Model is intended to help in the design and implementation of various strategies related to the prevention and control of obesity/overweight, including the following:

  • Restriction in the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children.
  • Regulation of school food environments (feeding programs and food and beverages sold in schools).
  • Use of front-of-package (FOP) warning labels.
  • Definition of taxation policies to limit consumption of unhealthy food.
  • Identification of foods to be provided by social programs to vulnerable groups.

The nutrients and cut-off criteria were defined by an Expert Consultation Group that included globally recognized experts in public health nutrition. The group was commissioned by PAHO to develop a nutrient profiling scheme for use by Member States.