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masculinities health

Masculinities and Health in the Region of the Americas

Life expectancy at birth has increased in the Region of the Americas in recent decades. However, women live 5.8 more years on average than men: excess mortality in men begins in adolescence and triples in early adulthood. What are the reasons for this situation?

guide structure laboratory 1000x500

Guidelines for the Structure of Public Health Entomology Laboratories

Vector-borne diseases such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, malaria, and leishmaniasis, among others, have a great impact on public health. This makes it necessary to step up entomological surveillance to guide prevention and control activities. 

framework monitor hiv 1000x500

Framework for Monitoring HIV/STI Services for Key Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean

In Latin America and the Caribbean, between 50% and 65% of new HIV infections occur in key populations of the HIV epidemics and their sexual partners. Improving the availability and coverage of HIV/STI services for these populations requires monitoring systems that are sustainable and adapt to the needs of each country. 

Other Publications

hpv vac coverage 1000x500

Methodology to Calculate HPV Vaccine Coverage in the Region of the Americas

This document focuses on monitoring HPV vaccine coverage data using administrative data. Calculating and monitoring vaccination coverage is highly relevant in immunization programs to show achievements and problems, analyze their causes, and take effective measures to attain expected results. Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

technical doc mosquito control 1000x500

Technical document for the implementation of interventions based on generic operational scenarios for Aedes aegypti control

This publication provides a framework for planning and implementing Aedes aegypti surveillance, prevention, and control activities through risk stratification to support the development of potential operational scenarios at the local level. Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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NCDs at a Glance

This brochure presents current data on NCDs and risk factors for the Region of the Americas, for each category of disease and risk factor, for the 35 Member States of the Pan American Health Organization. It is intended to provide a visual snapshot of the current status of NCD mortality and risk factor prevalence and convey the significance of the burden of NCDs throughout the Region.