Due to the seriousness of its consequences, prevention of alcohol consumption during gestation should be a priority issue for Public Health in all countries. The sequelae of prenatal exposure to alcohol reach different levels of severity and can last a lifetime. The sequelae are completely preventable if abstinence is achieved during this stage. Join us in a webinar where Aldana Lichtenberger will describe the consequences of prenatal exposure to alcohol (SAF-TEAF) and comment on the prevalence of alcohol consumption during gestation in Argentina. She will then touch on screening procedures and brief interventions (BI) to promote abstinence in this particular population. Finally, she will present the efficacy results of BI in a context of primary health care in Argentina.

About the speaker:

Aldana Lichtenberger. Bachelor in Psycology. Especialization in Individual and Group Psychoterapy. PH fellowship from the National Counsel Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET). Member of the Research Group in Psycoactive Substances and External Injuries, IPSIBAT- UNMdP- CONICET

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