The Healthy Life Course Unit uses an integrated approach to address the population's health. The unit supports countries based on the life course approach model, which suggests that the health outcomes of individuals, families, and communities depend on many variables; these can include things that can improve health (protective factors) and things that can worsen it (risk factors) throughout life.

The Healthy Life Course Unit works toward building lasting, improved health for the people of the Americas. The model also provides for a broader understanding of the population's health and health service delivery, which is key in pursuing universal health for the current and future populations of the Region.

The Healthy Life Course Unit is working with countries on scaling up the life course model using the principles embraced by the new global health agenda, including universality, equity and community health approaches. At the same time, the unit is facilitating inter-programmatic initiatives and actions, which are an essential part of the life course model. It is also working on developing comprehensive mechanisms and responses that will identify the most cost-effective and evidence-based interventions for the future.

Areas of Work

The Healthy Life Course Unit is responsible for the following areas:

Equity Throughout the Life Course

every-woman-every-childEvery Woman, Every Child-LAC is the regional chapter of a movement that seeks to reduce the profound inequities in reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health that persist in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The vision of the Healthy Life Course Unit aligns with the Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health (2016-2030).