No action today, no cure tomorrow

World Health Day 2011 is dedicated to antimicrobial resistance, a major threat to patient care and disease control throughout the world.

Efforts surrounding this day seek to raise awareness of factors that contribute to antimicrobial resistance, to build commitment to common solutions across diseases, and to encourage the implementation of policies and practices that can prevent and contain antimicrobial resistance.

Journalism Award Winners Focus on Drug Resistance in Latin America


Washington, D.C., 17 August 2011- Three journalists whose reports examine the underlying causes of antimicrobial resistance in Latin America won the 2011 Latin American Health Journalism Awards, sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Red-Salud, the Communication Initiative, and the Imaginary Foundation. 


Experts Warn of "Untreatable Infections"

Washington, D.C., 7 April 2011 - The widespread misuse of antimicrobial medications, coupled with poor patient care in health facilities, could lead to a future of deadly "untreatable infections," experts said today in panel discussions organized by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for World Health Day 2011.


World Health Day 2011 Technical Information

Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Guía Tratamiento de las Enfermedades InfecciosasThe fifth edition of the guide "Treatment of Infectious Diseases 2011-2012", based on the fields of infectious diseases, pediatrics and clinical microbiology, was published by the Pan American Health Organization as part of the celebration of World Health Day this year.


Latin American Journalism Award

Red-SaludJournalists in Latin America and the Caribbean can participate until 16 June 2011 on the VII version of the Latin American Journalism Award for Health, by Red-Salud, whose theme is based on World Health Day this year: antimicrobial resistance. Read More...

Announcement of Winners 

Strategy on the Rational Use of Medicines

As part of the official ceremony of World Health Day and in order to externalize a comprehensive and innovative proposal at the regional level, the approved regional proposal for the implementation of national strategies for rational drug use was introduced in a round table discussion.

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