Enfermedades ViralesEmergence of new viruses and syndromes, changes in epidemiological patterns, absence of vaccines for orphan viruses, increasing antiviral resistance and threats of bioterrorism are factors that constitute the scenario for the emergence and re-emergence of viruses with epidemic and pandemic potential. For this reason, viral diseases represent a great challenge for Public Health.

Epidemiological surveillance, virological diagnosis and timely reporting are essential components for the reduction of morbidity and mortality caused by these diseases, as well as a crucial part for containment and rapid response to possible outbreaks of local or international importance.

The Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization provides technical support in the Americas region to respond to this challenge, based on the International Health Regulations (IHR, 2005).

 Preparedness and Response for Chikungunya Virus: Introduction in the Americas

CHIK preparedness and response

Geographic Spread of Chikungunya in the Americas 2013 - 2017

CHIK geographic distribution 

Chikungunya Geographic distribution


Equine Encephalitis in Public Health

Encefalitis equina en la salud publica