The Health Systems and Services Department (HSS) develops technical cooperation projects promoting progressive advances toward universal access to health and universal health coverage (universal health). These projects require:

  • building and maintaining strong and resilient health systems;
  • focusing on health governance and financing, health policies, strategies, and plans as well as people-centered, integrated, quality health services;
  • improved access to and rational use of safe, effective, and quality medicines, medical products, and health technologies;
  • strengthening regulation capacity; and
  • an adequate availability of competent human resources for health, and a culturally appropriate, well regulated, well distributed, and fairly treated health workforce.





Funds and Networks

PAHO/WHO Strategic Fund

Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization -PANDRH

Regional Network of Health Technology Assessments for the Americas - RedETSA

PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers


HSS publications


Health Systems and Services Bulletin: Subscribe and access past issues.

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