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Diabetes and tuberculosis are two chronic diseases with high impact in populations of developing countries. The risk for tuberculosis is augmented by impaired host defense in individuals, such as those with HIV and diabetes. Objective:estimate the number of cases of TB associated with DM (TB/DM) in the Americas in 2008.


The number of cases of tuberculosis related to diabetes by age and gender were estimated by calculating the Population Attributable Fraction (PAF). Estimates of the prevalence of diabetes and the incidence of tuberculosis were extracted from the IDF Diabetes Atlas and the WHO Global TB Database respectively. The incidence of TB/DM is presented in number of cases per 100,000 by country. Breakdowns by age, gender, country income and geographic sub regions are also presented. 


Overall 26 countries from the Americas were included in the analysis, accounting for some 528 million people of 25-79 years of age.  The incidence of TB/DM was estimated at 31,411 (18, 495-53,352) cases (5.9 X 100,000 population). The risk varied among countries, with the highest risk observed in Haiti (59.3 per 100,000), and the lowest in Puerto Rico (0.9 per 100,000). 


Diabetes Mellitus was estimated to be a substantial contributor to the burden of tuberculosis in the Americas Region in 2008. Because of the increased risk for tuberculosis, diabetes may contribute to the resurgence of tuberculosis in areas where it is currently under control and may impact negatively its control. It is recommended that tuberculosis screening is routinely conducted among those with diabetes especially those with uncontrolled diabetes.