From hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, to the elimination of malaria in Argentina and rabies transmitted by dogs in Mexico, 2019 was a year marked by both challenges and achievements in public health in the Americas. As dengue cases in the Americas reached over 2.7 million, the highest numbers ever recorded, the region also faced a resurgence of measles, with 15,802 confirmed cases, including 18 deaths, reported in 14 countries.

From the re-establishment of endemic measles transmission in Venezuela to the elimination of malaria in Paraguay, the news headlines in the Americas in 2018 reflected both setbacks and progress in public health.

During 2017, the countries of the Americas experienced natural disasters that damaged health services and caused suffering and death but also marked some historic milestones in health progress and quality of life for their populations.

From the Zika epidemic and the birth of thousands of babies with congenital malformations, through the declaration of measles as eliminated from the American continent, 2016 was a year of serious challenges and important successes for health in the Americas.

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