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The first-ever Caribbean Wellness Day was celebrated on September 13, 2008. The high-profile event was kicked off by heads of government, ministers of health, and other dignitaries, and included scores of activities in dozens of communities promoting physical activity, healthy eating, and greater awareness about chronic disease control and treatment and the links between healthy living, risk factors, and longer, healthier lives. The chief target audience was adults 40 and over who currently engage in little or no physical activity. The key message was: you can live a longer, healthier life by following a few key pointers: don't smoke, consume no more than two alcoholic drinks per day, eat more fruits and vegetables and less salt and fat, and exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Caribbean Wellness Day was proposed in the Declaration of Port-of-Spain, issued at the end of the historic CARICOM Heads of State Summit on chronic diseases in Trinidad and Tobago in September 2007.

September 2010 -  Country Plans

Countries of the region must be congratulated on maintaining and institutionalizing the activities for Caribbean Wellness Day Celebrations. Many countries are advisedly using the day as a catalyst for sustained physical activity in their countries — Dr. Alafia Samuels CARICOM CWD Coordinator.

If someone offered you a simple method to live longer, feel better, and be happier, you'd want to know more, wouldn't you? That's what the third annual Caribbean Wellness Day, Saturday Sept. 11, is all about: publicizing the simple steps that men, women, and children can take to live longer, healthier lives.

Report presented by Dr. Alafia Samuels, Consultant - Chronic Disease Prevention and Control - CARICOM (Caribbean Community) pdf Complete version of the document