Analysis of knowledge production by graduates of the family health specialization in the Mais Médicos Program

Brito Quintana et al.


Identify the main categories of analysis in the end-of-course projects completed by physicians who graduated in the family health specialization in the Mais Médicos Program.


Bibliometric study of the 3 021 end-of-course projects found in the database of the Health Education Resources Collection (Open University of the Unified Health System) for the years 2016 to 2019. In order to analyze the main topics addressed in the projects, a two-step cluster analysis was conducted of the descriptors for each project.


Of the 3 021 end-of-course projects, 2 750 with complete data were analyzed. The profile of the authors was predominantly female, Cuban, and in the 31-40 years age group. The results show that professional training was concentrated in specific topics, most of them closely related to the goals of primary health care.


The analysis of the profile of the end-of-course projects showed that the topics studied throughout the process of training the professionals in the Mais Médicos Program were focused mainly on greater understanding of the structural directives of primary care. Furthermore, the objective of focusing medical training on the most relevant problems in each region of the country was achieved.

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