More Doctors Integrated Information System: a tool to support evidence-based management

Rosales et al.

The present work provides details about a novel experience involving the development of a health information system focused on supporting evidence-based management at the primary health care (PHC) level. The process of structuring public health programs and policies is often developed without access to the best available scientific evidence. In this context, the proposed system (Sistema Integrado de Informações Mais Médicos, SIMM) materializes the effort to bridge the information gap for health management. Created with the aim of integrating data from the main information sources associated with the Cooperation Project between the Brazilian federal government and the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/ WHO) for provision of physicians for the More Doctors Program, SIMM strove to optimize the generation and consolidation of information to support decision-making, in addition to providing support for administrative and financial control. The experience illustrates the development of an ancillary solution that can be expanded to monitor human resources for health parameters across the entire PHC setting, far beyond the More Doctors Program. The resulting expertise created conditions for the system to be configured as a public asset, rather than being restricted to providing managerial support for a specific project. SIMM may be adapted and replicated in other American countries to improve the availability and quality of the information used by decision makers.

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