Pharmaceutical procurement among public sector procurers in CARICOM

Preston et al.


To examine multiple aspects of the medicines in CARICOM procurement markets, including manufacturer headquarters location, regulatory history, and type (innovator versus generic); the proportion of World Health Organization (WHO) essential medicines; and the most expensive medicines procured.


An analysis of procurement information from selected CARICOM procurers. Four public sector procurement lists were obtained based on public availability or sharing of data from public sector procurers. Analyses were based on parameters available or deduced from these data.


The majority of products come from manufacturers headquartered in North America and Europe (63%–67%). The percentage of medicines procured from generic companies is 60%–87%; and 25%–50% of medicines procured are on the WHO Essential Medicines List. Wide price variations exist in the most expensive medicines purchased.


The analysis identifies vulnerabilities and opportunities in the procurement situation of CARICOM states, particularly related to quality and rational use of medicines. This analysis represents a baseline that governments and other stakeholders can use in the future.

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