São Paulo call to action for the prevention and control of high blood pressure: 2020

Campbell et al.

• About 1/4th of adults have high blood pressure which is the single most important risk for death (including heart disease and stroke).
• There are effective policies that could facilitate people making healthy choices to prevent raised blood pressure, and if fully implemented, could largely prevent hypertension from occurring.
• Hypertension is easy to screen and treat for BUT only about 50% of adults with hypertension are aware of their condition and only about 1 in 7 is adequately treated.
• Preventing and controlling high blood pressure is the major mechanism for NCD prevention and control and a model for other NCD risks.
• Effective lifestyle and drug treatments could prevent and control hypertension in most individuals if systematically applied to the population, simple interventions are feasible in all settings, and can be used to enhance primary care.
• Urgent sustained action is needed is needed for effective public policies and health system changes to prevent and control hypertension.

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