Toward a holistic definition for Information Systems for Health in the age of digital interdependence

D’Agostino et al.

The article’s main objective is to propose a new definition for Information Systems for Health, which is characterized by the identification and involvement of all the parts of a complex and interconnected process for data collection and decision-making in public health in the information society. The development of the concept was through a seven-step process including document analysis, on-site and virtual sessions for experts, and an online survey of broader health professionals. This new definition seeks to provide a holistic view, process, and approach for managing interoperable applications and databases that ethically considers open and free access to structured and unstructured data from different sectors, strategic information, and information and communication technology (ICT) tools for decision-making for the benefit of public health. It also supports the monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and the implementation of universal access to health
and universal health coverage as well as Health in All Policies as an approach to promote health-related policies across sectors. Information Systems for Health evolves from preconceptions of health information systems to an integrated and multistakeholder effort that ensures better care and better policy-making and decision-making.

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Opinion and analysis