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Reference DIRECTIVE No.: HQ/FO-04-01*, 20 Feb 2004

PAHO has begun a new relationship with Health Canada, and as part of this association, the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) has ceased to be PAHO's technical representative in Canada, effective 31 January 2004. Although CSIH will no longer fulfill the role of technical representative, we would like to acknowledge the positive working relationship PAHO has had with the Society for the past 10 years.

In the short term, we will not have a specific technical representative in Canada. Rather, the office of Mr. Nick Previsich, Director, International Health Policy and Communications Division of the International Affairs Directorate of Health Canada, has assumed responsibilities for all activities related to PAHO. Unless the Director specifies otherwise, her designated representative to Canada on all matters is the Office of the Deputy Director. In an effort to aid the transition process and maintain a transparent relationship with Health Canada, all PAHO units should continue to communicate first with this office on matters concerning the federal and provincial governments of Canada. Furthermore, all units should keep the Deputy Director informed of contacts with Health Canada and public or private institutions in Canada, including notifying the Office of any visits to Health Canada by PAHO staff and vice versa. Likewise, the Office of the Deputy Director will make every effort to provide information on actions and contacts it has with Health Canada.

Mr. John Andrus
Deputy Director

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