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World Health Day Activities 2010 - Montserrat

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World Health Day was celebrated Wednesday 7th April 2010. The theme 2010 was 1000 cities, 1000 lives.

1. Activity Aerobics on the Town 5.30 a.m 

           Date: Easter Monday April 5th 2010
           Time: 5.30 am
           Participants: Members of the Public
           Age Group: All ages
           Prizes: None

2. Activity: Address by Minister of Health for World Health Day
    Date:      Wednesday April 7th 2010 (WHD)
   Place:     Radio Montserrat

3. Activity: Panel on Healthy Town/City and The Impact on Human Health and the Community.
Place: St Johns (Mental Health Conference Room)
Date: Wednesday April 7th 2010
Time: 10.00 (To be prerecorded)

4.  Activity: Mile around New Town 5.15 am
     Date:  Wednesday Morning 7th April 2010 (World Health Day)
     Participants: Members of the Public
     Age group:  All ages
     Prizes/Incentive     1st prize ($150.00)
                                    2nd Prize ($100.00)
                                    3rd Prize ($50.00)
                                    Prize    Youngest participant ($50.00)
                                    Prize     Oldest participant ($50.00)


5. Activity: Montserrat Secondary School celebrates World Health day in Collaboration with the Health Promotion Unit. 

 Date:     Wednesday Afternoon 7th April 2010.
 Participants: school children
 Prize to be given. ($50.00)

Advise/encourage healthy drinks and Snacks be supplied at School Sports.


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