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Adolescent Health Policy Development Workshop

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An Adolescent Health Policy development workshop was held under the theme”Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Vibrant Future” in SVG in February 2010.

The workshop objectives were:

To present a situation  analyses of adolescents in SVG to key stakeholders
To identify priority areas to be outlined in the policy documents
To received suggestion on the issue identified
Train stakeholders on selected adolescent issues using a participating technique and to form a steering committee.
The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Claudia Bram.

At the consultation, the main priority areas identified by stakeholders to be addressed in the policy were:

Early unprotected sexual activity
Teen Parenting
Alcohol and drug Abuse
Tobacco use
Mental Health problems including depression
Crime and violence
Low self esteem
The workshop was also attended by Dr. Betzabe Burton – Advisor Family and Community Health.

Below are photos of the workshop

Dr. Betzabe Burton - PAHO Advisor Family and Community Health

Participants hard at work


Group Photo of Participants


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