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Caribbean Wellness Day 2011 - Montserrat

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Music, aroma of healthy food and animated conversations filled the air at the St Johns Health Centre as the Ministry of Health hosted a  Health & Wellness Fair as part of our commemoration of Caribbean Wellness Day, 2011.

 Caribbean Wellness Day Health Fair 2011

The venture was supported by friends from the New York Chapter of the American Heart Association and the American Hypertension Association. 

The event that took place under the Theme  “Love That Body”,  was organised with an aim of getting residents to love their bodies to the extent that they would eat healthy meals and snacks, exercise regularly as appropriate for their age and health status and get frequent check-ups – with a main focus on chronic non-communicable diseases (although other health issues were highlighted).

The Fair was designed to provide information on prevention and management of many of the non-communicable diseases, as well as to provide an opportunity for screening.  The event ran from 10:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Screenings offered:
1. Breast cancer – information was provided on breast cancer and benefits of early detection and clients were taught to do self-breast examinations
2. Prostate cancer – information was provided on the importance of early detection and several  men were screened
3. Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity – information was provided on all of these conditions and over 200 persons were screened for high blood sugar, blood pressure and had their Height and Weight measured to calculate BMIs. 
4. Relaxation Techniques were also demonstrated – in an effort to highlight the holistic approach to management of chronic disease. 
The opportunity was also used to to provide HIV screening and recruitment of Blood Donors. 

Physical activities and information was also provided for children, and some parents took the opportunity to have their teenagers screened. 

Other stakeholders who joined in the Fair included:
Montserrat Diabetes Association – providing diabetes information and assisting with glucose screening;
Seventh Day Adventist Church Community – demonstrating healthy food choices and literature; 
Red-Cross Peer Educators – providing HIV and STI information;
Montserrat Branch of the British Red Cross – demonstrating CPR and other life-preserving tips;
Fire & Rescue Services – demonstrating fire safety tips.

The event ended with a 40 minute aerobic session, designed to demonstrate basic exercises that persons could do to improve their fitness level and their health.   

The impact of the Health Fair is still being assessed, but the turn out and participation exceeded our expectations.  We were particularly happy to see the number of men who visited  the fair and benefited from the screening opportunities.

Caribbean Wellness Day Health Fair

 Caribbean Wellness Day Health Fair - Blood Sugar Testing


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