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The returns of research to society benefit different sectors, which are crucial for development and economic growth. Research for health is a wise investment with huge returns for development—this may not be evident to people. The images presented in Art for Research are intended to illustrate how research has quietly but consistently contributed to development.

Exhibit Art for Research

Exhibit Art for Research illustrates how health research generates wealth in the countries contributing to economic and social development, and to equity in health. contributes to social development and equity in health.

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Gallery: (Art for Research) Art for Research: Exhibit in Barcelona- 2011

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Shaping the World


The images invites the viewer to explore the stories behind some of the most significant and influential changes in health, development, and innovation the world has ever seen. Ten stories of influential people or entities who have invested their lives to shape the future by doing research in areas such as HIV which has led to productivity, Alzheimer, child birth and perinatal care, infectious disease eradication, the use of research in effective education, decision making, fairness, quality of care and dignity of the patient.

Fine Art photographer Theo Chalmers collaborates with the Pan American Health Organization to produce a striking exhibition of photographic portraits.

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Research on the Move


These successful Research for Health Stories captured in different Latin American countries, reflect the positive impact a good invest decision makes in lives and therefore in countries development. Making the Panama Canal was impossible until Malaria was understood and kangaroo program save lives.

World famous documentary photographer,  Jane Dempster devoted her talent and time to  travel Latin America supporting PAHO to deliver these beautiful, descriptive, shocking images.

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Transformation for Development


The sandpaintings that Shelly creates in Transformation for Development are not just art. They are visual demonstrations of how research changes lives and the realization of her passion for using science to make this world a healthier place. In her narrations research becomes a driver of social and economic development that tackles the determinants of health.

This exhibit features two neglected diseases prevalent in the Americas, Hookworm infestation and Chagas Disease. Addressing them requires that functional health systems work side by side with other sectors of government and society.

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Art for Research Video [2012]

    Art for Research exhibit, by PAHO, McMaster Health Forum, Lyons New Media Centre (Oct. 9, 2012). To listen to an audio podcast, click right here.



    In this video PAHO's Director, WHO's Assistant Director General, and the curator of the project introduce the Art for Research Project with stories showing that research for health is an investment that catalyzes social and economic development. Visit

    (September, 2012)

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