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 Preparedness and Response for Chikungunya Virus Introduction  in the Americas

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1. Presentation

2. Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group of Preparedness and Response for Chikungunya Virus Introduction in the Americas

2.1 Objectives

2.2 Agenda

2.3 List of Participants

2.4 List of Presentations

Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group for Chikungunya virus introduction preparedness and response in the Americas

Working groups proposed methodology

A global overview of the Chikungunya virus problem

Laboratory testing for Chikungunya Virus

Chikungunya cases identified in the Americas-United States

Imported vases if Chikungunya among Canadian travelers

Chikungunya cases Identified in the French Overseas Territories of the Americas

Aedes aegypti control in the Americas: what has worked and not

Situación del dengue en las Américas. Componente entomológico y de control vectorial dentro de la EGI-dengue (In Spanish)

3. Guideline for Preparedness and Response for Chikungunya Virus Introduction  in the Americas

3.0 Front Page

3.1 Background and Rationale

3.2 Epidemiology

3.3 Clinical

3.4 Laboratory

3.5 Case Management

3.6 Surveillance and Outbreak Response

3.7 Vector Surveillance and Control

3.8 Risk and Outbreak Communication

3.9 Conclusion

3.10 References

3.11 Appendices

Appendix A. Viral Isolation Protocol (For Cell Culture)

Appendix B. Real Time Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction Protocol

Appendix C. IgM and IgG Serologic Assay Protocols

Appendix D. Example of a Case Report Form

Appendix E. Report for an Event/Outbreak of Public Health Importance

Appendix F: Vector Control Procedures

Appendix G: Vector Control for CHIKV Containment

Appendix H. Model for Risk and Outbreak Communication Plan

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