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Risk and Outbreak Communication

IHR Risk Communication
Capacity Building Workshop 

(Guatemala  / 18-20 May, 2011)



Risk Communication
Workshop Overview

Introduction to Risk Communication and IHR 

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti


Transparency & First Announcement of a Real or Potential Risk

Public Communication Coordination

Information Dissemination including Media Relations

Listening Through Dialogue

Building Capacity

Simulation Exercises

Simulation Exercise:
A Mysterious Illness

Simulation Exercise:
The Situation Worsens

Simulation Exercise:
An Evolving Emergency

Simulation Exercise:
Persistent Problems

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Council for Central American Ministers of Health (COMISCA)

Presenters and Facilitators

    • Bryna Brennan, PAHO/WDC 
    • Marsha Vanderford, CDC
    • Nikki Parrott, CDC
    • Nivaldo Linares, CDC-CAP
    • Rafael Chacon, COMISCA
    • Rolando Hernandez, COMISCA
    • Rosane Lopes, PAHO 
    • Satya Sarkar, WHO/Headquarters
    • Silvia Posada, PAHO/Panama
    • Vilma Gutierrez, PAHO
    • Xinia Bustamante, PAHO/Costa Rica


    • Invitations were extended to three ministry of health representatives from each country in the region (Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama).


    • Understand how effective risk communication supports other public health emergency functions
    • Appreciate the risk communication complexity and challenge of the public health emergency environment
    • Understand the definition of risk communication for public health emergencies, its required core capacities, and the assessment criteria to measure and track progress in this area of work
    • Be able to develop a practical action plan for their organization to improve capacity for risk communication during public health emergencies 
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