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Functional Statements

Mental Health Unit coordinates and implements technical cooperation activities directed to strengthen national capacities to develop policies, plans, programs and services, thus contributing to promote mental health, reduce the treatment gap of the mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders. To facilitate an integrated approach through Primary Health Care and community based model of mental health services.

  1. Provides technical cooperation at the regional and subregional level in mental health, alcohol, and drug use, to strengthen the countries capacities to develop policies and plans that contribute to the improvement and reorganization of their health services.
  2. Supports countries in the prevention of mental disorders and those related to the use of substances, as well as in the promotion of a comprehensive state of well-being, in which individuals know their own abilities, face the normal stresses of life, work productively, and are able to make a positive contribution to their communities.
  3. Establishes inter-programmatic relationships in the psychosocial field and in those aspects related to the project´s topics.
  4. Promotes partnerships with other international institutions, in order to protect the mental health of the population, with special attention to the most vulnerable populations and  their access to products that may damage their health, such as alcohol, psychoactive drugs and tobacco.



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